Morningstar Entertainment Photography - Slideshows


When we first got started in business, the most creative option available was to produce a “happy face” slideshow for the final banquet. That was impressive!

Today that slideshow can include short video clips along with stills and music.

Or photographs taken during a party can be instantly displayed on the large screen while the party is happening!

Morningstar Entertainment Photography is the fun little division of Morningstar Productions - focused on finding fun ways to use photography at a party or meeting.

Morningstar Productions provides digital photography for corporate and special events. Located in the Palm Springs area, and traveling world-wide for many clients. Palm Springs photographers Rand Larson and David Atkisson will be  happy to discuss options and ideas for your event. Call today at 760-864-9702

A fast-paced slideshow from a desert team building including video clips of the action.

A “happy face” slideshow for the final night using still images and quick transitions.

Listed below are some samples.

A golf slideshow that includes video clips, the client was completely surprised to see video in the slideshow!

Sometimes a slower paced slideshow is the way to go. This sort of show can be used as “background” for an event where it repeats several times.

And just for fun...

A little video made up entirely of video clips about a very energetic dog!

Weddings are ideal for a slideshow from the ceremony to be shown at the reception or delivered later on disc.

Is your group going someplace special? Nothing like a slideshow, especially if they go to the Happiest Place On Earth!

What about Music?

One of the biggest issues surrounding a slide show that is used as a “look back” after an event, is what music an be used? Is it legal to use popular, commercial music?

(Quick answer: usually not legal)

But what if the show is only shown one time? Doesn’t that fall under fair use?

(Quick answer: ask your legal department)

Over the years many of our clients have decided that a one-time showing of a slideshow set to commercial music is okay with them. If the show is only to be shown one time at a banquet, we will go along.

But if you want to use a slideshow for other purposes, then we must turn to legal music libraries.

We have access to a very good music library, over 1000 songs to choose from. We would generally select upbeat, happy sounding music for a “happy face slide show”, and occasionally turn to a slower more thoughtful song for variety within a show.

Music selection is so very personal. So listed below are a number of songs from our music library that is licensed for this use. The images in these sample show are the same. You will know in the first 30 seconds if the song is suitable for your event. Keep in mind that often only a portion of a song is used to be mixed with another song. Maybe 90 seconds per song, using 3 songs to keep it under 5 minutes.

Feeling Happy

Very light, happy song. Good for an event with kids, or silly situations.

Contains vocals

All Good

Medium paced, rock feeling song. Happy tune and words.

Female vocal

Take Me Over

Medium paced, pop feeling, young feel

Female vocals

Summer Sunshine

Face paced, happy song about summer sunshine

Female vocals


Face paced, soft voice, indie rock feel. Builds to louder driving sound.

Male vocals

Love Enduring

A slower, sweet feeling waltz. Romantic words, catchy tune.

Male vocal

I’ll Be Right Here

Very fast paced, driving beat, strong guitars

Male vocal

Catch Me Jumping

Moderate paced, driving acoustic guitar.

Male vocal

Sunshine (Makes Me High)

Can you say The Partridge Family?


One More Day

Driving guitar, rock feel, fast paced.


Light of Day

Moderate paced, rock feel, happy tune.


If Ever There’s A Reason

Moderate paced, happy, catchy tune. Country rock feel.

Male vocal

Break The  Record

Fast paced, indie rock feel

Male vocals

I Hate To Say

Very fast paced, driving guitar, fun.



Moderate paced, country rock feel, driving guitars.

Male vocals


Moderate paced, inspirational sounding, corporate feel


Surfboard Slam

1960’s beach sound, guitar, drums, fast paced


The Open Road

One of our personal favorites.

Moderate paced, slight blue grass or Cajun feel. Happy tune.


Life’s A Holiday

Moderate pace, driving beat, happy feel. Tune builds in intensity.


I Won’t Hold My Breath

Happy tune, snappy pace, bright feel


I Never Came Around

Moderate pace, happy feel,

Instrumental with vocal backgrounds

Catch Me Jumping

Moderate pace, driving guitar

Instrumental version

Reality Check

Moderate pace, strumming guitar, light feel.


Alley Sound

Moderate pace, driving electric guitar, fun feel


Pretty Girl

Happy feel, indie rock, driving rhythm