Morningstar Productions
Background Samples

We have several painted backgrounds in stock that can work very well for formal photographs such as portraits, couples photographs and awards groups.

Our painted grey background is modeled shades of grey on a canvas. It can extend over 30 feet wide and is idea for group award photographs. We can provide 8 identical photo stations with this background.
  • Painted Grey 1
  • Painted Grey 3
  • Painted Grey 3
  • Grey Individual
  • Grey Couples
  • Grey Couples
  • Grey Group 1
  • Grey Group 3
  • CM2D1006
  • 0994-JIB10-053-2
  • rand and jack
  • 1001-JIB10-061-2
Our warm-tones background is a more traditional painted background with browns and blue highlights. It is a standard 10 foot wide background and works well for formal photographs that do not want the traditional blue background. We have one of these backgrounds.
  • Warm Tones 1
  • Warm Tones 2
  • Warm Tones 3
  • Warm Tones 4
  • Warm Tones 5
  • Warm Tones 6
The most common background for corporate portraits is a smokey blue background. It's just large enough for a single head shot and works well with many skin tones.

  • Blue tones
  • Blue tones
  • Blue tones
We have a small blue velvet background that works well for individual portraits. It is a small background and we have one of these.

  • Blue Velvet 1
  • Blue Velvet 3
  • Blue Velvet 2
We also keep in stock some standard seamless paper backgrounds for the more traditional look.  They are provided by Superior Specialties. We have in stock #93 Artic White, #06 Nassau Blue, #59 Lite Blue, #21 Pursuit Grey. We can special order any color that they carry. Their entire catalog can be viewed here:

  • Blue Paper 1
  • Blue Paper 2
  • Blue Paper 3
Instead of a physical background we can use a green screen and replace with a different background. Below are the images that we currently have for use.

  • 6-11
  • OMC53
  • 10-24
  • OMC23
  • OMC38
  • OMC39
  • 6-5
And lastly, we should always remember that we have excellent light here in the desert. Often a photograph taken outdoors is much more appealing than a formal photograph with the standard corporate background.

  • Golf Course Background
  • Outdoors natural light
  • Outdoors natural light
  • Outdoors natural light
  • Outdoors natural light
  • Garden Location
  • La Quinta Waterfall
  • Theme Party