The front plaza is an excellent location for a group photograph. It's close to the ballrooms and the photograph will show the scenery of the hotel.

  • Front Plaza Daytime - 90 pax
  • 67 people
  • 27 people
  • 225 people
  • Noble Group Photo
  • Front Plaza 200 people
  • Front Plaza Setup
If a group photograph must be taken at night time, then a composite can be created using a background mixed with the photograph of the guests lit properly.

  • Before Composite
  • After Composite
  • Sample composite
Many other locations work for group photographs. Some require construction of risers, some work well for an informal photograph, such as at PGA West.

  • La Casa
  • One of the casitas on property
  • In front of Fiesta
  • PGA West
  • Dunes Clubhouse